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I am Orlando R. Rodriguez, Attorney At Law. Representing both individuals and businesses, I will help you achieve your legal goals.

An Experienced Attorney Serving New Jersey

Our Practice Areas

Civil Litigation
And Business

Real Estate Law
And Landlord/
Tenant Issues

Criminal Defense, DWI/DUI And Expungements

Estate Planning
And Probate



Experienced Legal Advice In Civil Litigation And Criminal Defense

I am Orlando R. Rodriguez, Attorney At Law. As your attorney, I diligently pursue effective legal solutions to the challenges in the areas of business law, real estate law, estate planning and criminal law. Located in Newton, my office provides skilled counsel and courtroom advocacy on behalf of clients throughout New Jersey. I have more than three decades of experience as a businessman, having worked as a licensed realtor and the owner of construction and entertainment companies. With my extensive legal knowledge and community involvement, I provide responsive, trustworthy legal services.

Offering A Wide Range Of Legal Services For Individuals And Businesses

I advise clients in a range of legal matters, including those related to:

Business Law

My office helps with business formation and litigation, as well as matters of entertainment law and intellectual property.

Real Estate Law

I provide guidance in regard to all types of residential real estate and commercial real estate transactions and disputes.

Criminal Defense

 If you have been accused of a crime (including DWI/DUI), I can advise you on your rights and defend you to ensure your freedom and reputation is protected.


Certain criminal charges and convictions can be expunged under New Jersey law. If you are eligible, we can help you through the process of clearing your record.

Estate Planning

I draft and review wills and will work with you to identify and establish other reliable methods of wealth transfer that best suit your needs.

Civil Litigation

 With substantial experience dealing with all types of civil disputes, I deliver informed and assertive counsel during the preparation and execution of litigation. 

In every case, I work aggressively to bring about a favorable resolution to your case.